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About our Company

BCA is a family run company with over 15 years experience in the building industry all of your tradesmen are experts in their fields

We at BCA approach every project with energy, integrity and professionalism. We are dedicated on satisfying all our clients.

Our broad range of experience allows us to satisfy every client's needs, from creating the dream designer kitchen to luxury home construction or even practical office space . A hands on approach ensures successful conversion of concept to construction.

Works in the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial built environment often require careful planning before commencement.

Projects such as Office re-paint , Minor office alterations, refurbishments, cabling works and concreting projects require the expertise that BCA has.

We ensure quick turnaround in projects with minimal hassle and no issues..

The key is co-ordination and communication with our clients . We ensure projects of this nature are specifically detailed and carried out to specification.

Our fully equipped maintenance vehicles carry a full arsenal of tools and equipment to take care of any emergency or urgent jobs that may arise in the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial environment. Door hardware repairs, plasterboard repairs, plumbing, electrical works, urgent OHS risk issues; these are among some of the maintenance areas BCA specializes in.